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  • Vitamin E Lip Balm

    ROUSHUN Vitamin E Lip Balm Moistening Products Rich In Pure Vitamin E Can Keep Lips Moist And Healthy For A Long Time.

    Prevent Dry And Rough Lips, Effectively Moisten Lips.

    Lip Protection Products With Sunscreen Effect Can Also Protect Delicate Lips From Ultraviolet Rays And Improve The Darkening Of Lip Color. Repair Labial Discomfort After Sun Exposure.

    It Is Also An Excellent Antioxidant. It Can Not Only Moisten Dry Lip Skin, But Also Protect Skin From Chemical Pollution.

    Improve The Darkening Of Lips Caused By Melanin, Release Healthy Luster Of Lips.

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  • Berry Lip Balm

    ROUSHUN Berry Lip Balm Is A Fruit Flavored Lip Balm. It Smells Good. The Main Effect Is Still Moisturizing Lock Water And Sunscreen, Can Be Used Every Day, Cream Is Light Pink, Smell Is Very Fresh Fruit Flavor, Very Attractive, Rub On The Mouth Feel Cool, Moisture Is Completely Enough, As Usual Use, And Will Not Feel Very Sticky.

    Hot Tags : Berry Lip Balm

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