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  • hair oil

    Snail extract gives you soft and smooth hair complement your beauty,the formula conditions deep down to pamper your hair,all around,strand by strand,from root to tip,gives intensive conditioning to your hair and leaves it surprisingly soft and smooth.
    Ingredients:Mineral Oil,Vegetable Oil,Snail Extract,BHT,Fragrance.

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  • oil

    Contains 100% Ginseng extract,effectively repairs hair scales of lustre and water loss,especially has wonderful curative effect on the forking,deeply nourish every hair root and brings the natural elasticity.
    Ingredients:Mineral Oil,Vegetable Oil,Ginseng Extract,BHT,Fragrance.

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  • oil

    Contains repairing and nourishing Snake extract,effectively repairs and hair quality & hair scales,prevents scorch,breaking,forking and other damages,improves the elasticity and lustre.
    Ingredients:Mineral Oil,Vegetable Oil,Snake Extract,BHT,Fragrance.

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