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RS-30020 Caviar Super SPA Treatment
Date:2020-07-07 20:18:00
product manual:
Contains keratin, Caviar, reestablishes the natural beauty of the hair
Time Restore Caviar Treatment recharges hair with significantly more strength to fight the signs of ageing. The higher concentration of Caviar stimulates the roots to activate the production of keratin.

Ideal for mature, brittle or fragile hair in need of deep repair and regeneration Time Restore Caviar Treatment strengthens the architecture inside the hair cell for improved resilience. 

Deeply restoring the hair it leaves your hair supple, full of timeless beauty and shine.
QTY: 600gX36PCS
N.W: 21.6kg   G.W: 25kg 
SIZE OF CTN: 42.1X31.7X31cm
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