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RS-30022 Lavender & Keratin shampoo 8in1
Date:2020-09-23 20:18:00
product manual:
Fused with keratin, these anti frizz hair products will delicately surround your hair in a cloud of heirloom French Lavender.
Professional for controling hair oil. Oily hair occurs when too much sebum, a naturally occurring hair lubricant, is produced by the scalp. The essential oil formula works to repair imbalances within the scalp to rebalance sebum secretion levels and restore moisture levels for healthy, happy hair. 

Oil Control. 100% natural hair treatment equipped with an exception therapeutic grade oil formula to remedy the root causes of greasy hair and deliver the best oily hair shampoo for women and men available. A complex essential oil formula to provide full symptomatic relief for oily scalp while nourishing dry, damaged hair. 
QTY: 500mlX48PCS
N.W: 24kg   G.W: 25kg 
SIZE OF CTN: 50.5X39X22.6cm
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