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DV-6040 Jamaican black castor oil Anti-dandruff Nourish Conditioner
Date:2020-07-14 20:18:00
product manual:
Removes Build-up, Restores Moisture Gently Cleans and Neutralizes
BLACK CASTOR OIL, helps strengthen from within to stop breakage and promote healthy hair.
It can effectively dispel dandruff deeply nourish scalp, and prevent dandruff for a long time use with shampoo for 3 minutes each time, it can let you enjoy spa nourishing moisten scalp, help scalp return healthy without dandruff any more.
QTY: 380mlX48PCS
N.W: 18.24kg   G.W: 21.3kg 
MEAS: 56.7X43.5X16.6cm
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