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DV-6035 Anti-hair Loss & Moistening Shampoo
Date:2020-07-09 20:18:00
product manual:
1. Anti-hair Loss 2. Anti-dandruff 3. Oil Control 4. Prevent Scalp Itch 5. Smooth Silky 6. Strengthen Hair Root 7. Deep Moistening

Pure hair loss shampoo with 14 broad spectrum DHT blockers offers liquid keratin and natural nourishment gentle and fortified shampoo, nourishing hair follicles with essential nutrients. 

Hair loss shampoo contains potent natural ingredients: 
Biotin strengthen hair strands.
Niacin increases circulation and our various botanical extracts promote healthy hair. 
Keratin Ingredients selected increase bioavailability and maximum absorption. 
Continued use will fight further hair loss, reduce hair thinning and breakage, add volume and promote healthy hair.

QTY: 450gX48PCS
N.W: 21.6kg   G.W: 27.1kg 
MEAS: 62X45.3X23.2cm
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