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DV-6023 Anti-hair Loss Shampoo
Date:2020-09-23 20:18:00
product manual:
Extraction in traditional french method Slowing down hair loss promoting hair growth
The common hair loss is mostly seborrheic alopecia, which makes the hair oily and moist, gradually sparse and delicate, sometimes with dry scalp and itching in head, etc.


Originated from international research of seborrheic alopecia, from the extracts of a number of precious natural herbs  and keratin essence, including cacumen platycladi orientale, tuber fleeceflower root, tall gastrodia tuber, rehmannia root, light yellow sophora root, south dodder seed and szechuan lovage rhizome by adopting the hereditary secret formula and using the modern biological technologies, it can help inhibit the excessive secretion of scalp oil, nourish and protect hair follicles , and strengthen hairy root to resist hair loss and nurture hair.

Its is very complicated to explain the phenomenon of hair losing and difference between individuals do exist, therefore, the hair generation promotion effects can not be determined universally, this product is only effective to improve conditions related with hair follicle withdrawal, seborrheic hair lose, severe hair lose and glossy head top.


QTY: 520gX48PCS
N.W: 25kg   G.W: 34.2kg 
MEAS: 58.6X45X25.7cm
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