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RS-30118 hyaluronic acid serum 30ml
Date:2021-01-25 20:20:00
product manual:
About Roushun Beauty Hyaluronic 
Acid Serum - Roushun Beauty 
Hyaluronic Serum is considered to 
be the highest quality HA serum 
because it is botanically derived. 
This potent serum delivers a surge of 
moisture enriching nutrients deep 
into the dermis of your skin, 
diminishing the look of fine lines and 
wrinkles. Rich with antioxidant 
Vitamin C, this formula leaves skin 
soft and rejuvenated. This potent 
serum works by hydrating the 
collagen and elastin in the skin to 
give you smooth and glowing skin.


N.W:5.76kg   G.W:21.11kg

SIZE OF CTN:52.9X36.5X25.9cm


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