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DV-6136 Green tea essence 40ml
Date:2021-01-25 20:20:00
product manual:
[ Cacipair Derma Green Solution 
Serum ]
It contains the extracts of Centella. Dropper design for easy and sanitary to  get the serum.
It can relieve skin fatigue, improve skin  dryness, improve skin moisturizing ability  and enhance skin self-repair ability.

Helps calm and replenish the  necessary nourishment and enhance skin  cell production to make your sensitive skin look more lively and healthy. 
→ Helps reduce visible skin irritations for 
the radiant glow on your face and your 
skin will be ready to put on any makeup.
N.W:5.76kg   G.W:17.7kg
SIZE OF CTN:43.5X37.2X23.5cm
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